Introducing solid – a highly reliable, less frequent release channel


  • jamovi solid are new, highly reliable jamovi releases, which are updated less frequently, and with a greater emphasis on stability over new features.
  • jamovi current are frequently updated releases, and contain the very latest features developed by the jamovi community

As jamovi has continued to grow, we’ve approached a point where more and more institutions are adopting jamovi. While a lot of jamovi’s early adopters really like the rapid development cycle and continuous addition of new features, these institutions often prefer a more conservative approach, putting stability ahead of new functionality.

To accommodate these users, we are now providing two release channels. The solid release channel will be updated less frequently with an emphasis on high reliability, whereas the current release channel will maintain our current focus of rapid development and delivering new features.

Which release is right for you? If stability and predictability is more important to you than having access to all the latest features, then try our new solid releases. If you like to stay abreast of our latest developments and new features, current is for you. Both versions are now available from the download page.